Scientific program

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Welcome and Introduction
Plenary lecture: Prof. Julius Vancso (Twente University, NL)
How can “smart” organometallic hydrogels learn and forget

Session I – Polymer synthesis and characterization
Urszula Stachewicz – Moisturizing patches for skin treatment based on the electrospun polymer membranes
Anna Liguori – Photocurable, self-healing and recyclable vanillin-based imine thermosets

Coffee break + poster exhibition

Plenary lecture
Prof. Judit E. Puskas (The Ohio State University, USA)
Green polymer science: enzyme catalysis
Edith Perret – Biopolyester fibers for sustainable and biocompatible applications 

Lunch break + posters exhibition

Session II – Functional polymers and composites

Keynote lecture
Prof. Matteo Gigli (Ca’Foscari University of Venice, IT) 
Lignin-based nanomaterials for advanced applications
Marek Kowalczuk – Functional polymeric biomaterials and composites in terms of forensic engineering of advanced polymeric material 
Radu D. Rusu – Optimization of polyfluorene synthesis towards reliable blue light emission 
Gokhan Demirci – Injectable and photocurable hybrid materials with improved adhesion

Coffee break + posters exhibition

Volker Altstaedt – Two approaches to tailor crystallization and mechanical properties of semicrystalline polymers and foams thereof by using nanotechnology 
Magdalena Zdanowicz – Deep eutectic solvents as tailorable, functional plasticizers for starch
Jolanta Tomaszewska – Recent advances in glass transitions of poly(vinyl chloride) nanocomposites
Wojciech Ignaczak – Thermoplastic Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Composites 

Social event (concert + dinner) – CKE Stara Rzeźnia

Friday, September 23, 2022
Plenary lecture
Prof. Lars Magnus Bjursten (Lund University, Sweden)
Why is it difficult to transfer in vitro biocompatibility data to in vivo experience?

Session III – Polymers and synthetic materials for medical applications

Piotr Prowans, Zbigniew Szlosser – 60 years of medical silicone: new breast cancers – BIA-ALCL 
Farnaz Ghorbani – Polydopamine functionalized electroconductive gelatin-PEDOT:PSS matrices forbone regeneration

Coffee break + posters exhibition 

Longina Madej-Kiełbik, Karolina Gzyra-Jagieła – Biodegradable nonwoven with an active layer 
Radosław Mrówczyński – Biomimetic coatings and particles for co-delivery of chemotherapeutics 
Agnieszka Piegat – Processing of hydrophobically modified chitosan for biomedical applications 

Lunch break + posters exhibition

Session IV – Advanced manufacturing of biomaterials

Keynote lecture
Prof. Wojciech Święszkowski (Warsaw University of Technology, Poland)                                    
Advanced biofabrication for tissue engineering
Konrad Szustakiewicz – Biodegradable elastomeric scaffolds for tissue engineering 
Moein Zarei – Additive Manufacturing of Vascular Grafts Using Poly(Butylene Succinate-Butylene Dilinoleate)(PBS-DLS) Copolymers Containing Poly (Ethylene Glycol)(PEG)  
Patrycja Poloczek – Modification of fibrous carbon substrates with biopolymers for cartilage tissue regeneration 

Coffee break + posters exhibition

Karolina E. Mazur – Characterization of 3D printed PLA composites reinforced by hydroxyapatite, titan dioxideand glassy carbon
Martyna Polak – Cell interaction with the electrospun poly(l-lactide) (PLLA) scaffolds with enhanced surface potential 
Peter Sobolewskinapari and the scientific Python ecosystem for (bio)materials image analysis 

Poster awards and closing remarks

Poster presentations

1. Highly effective protective face masks with argon plasma modified bacterial cellulose-based filter to control spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus
Magdalena Charęza, Daria Ciecholewska-Juśko, Anna Żywicka, Radosław Drozd, Peter Sobolewski, Miroslawa El Fray, Karol Fijałkowski

2. Characterization of aqueous colloids of silver nanoparticles functionalized with tannic acid with IR spectroscopy
Katarzyna Bednarczyk, Katarzyna Ranoszek-Soliwoda, Emilia Tomaszewska, Grzegorz Celichowski, Jarosław Grobelny

3. Superabsorbent crosslinked bacterial cellulose as an antibiofilm dressing material for highly exuding wounds
Daria Ciecholewska-Juśko, Karol Fijałkowski

4. The effect of amber extract on poly(lactic acid) films obtained in solution casting
Cláudia A B dos Santos, Konrad Szustakiewicz

5. Tuning the electrochromic performances of novel triphenylamine-based polyimides by polymer backbone variation
Catalin-Paul Constantin, Andra-Elena Bejan, Mariana-Dana Damaceanu

6. Low-temperature calcination of ZIF-67 for effective oxygen evolution from water decomposition
Anna Dymerska, Bartosz Środa, Beata Zielińska, Xuecheng Chen, Ewa Mijowska

7. Photoreversible fatty dimers containing coumarin groups for soft tissue replacement
Iskenderbek Elchiev, Gökhan Demirci, Miroslawa El Fray

8. Effect of nanoporous carbon addition on the release of VOCs from cured polyester resin and the subsequent consequences in the resin-carbon system
Paula Felczak, Jacek Przepiórski

9. Poly(lactic acid) fibres modified by low-molecular-weight esters
Gzyra-Jagieła Karolina, Madej-Kiełbik Longina, Konrad Sulak, Zbigniew Draczyński

10. Biodegradable composite: aliphatic polyesters/wood dust
Agnieszka Kozłowska

11. Laser surface modification of biodegradable polymeric materials
Bartłomiej Kryszak, Arkadiusz Antończak, Adam Junka, Konrad Szustakiewicz

12. Recycling of Real-World Plastic Wastes to Yolk-Shell Structured Co3O4@C for High Performance Lithium-Ion Batteries
Jiaxin Li, Xuecheng Chen, Ewa Mijowska

13. Hybrid materials based on carbon non-woven fabric and polysaccharide-peptide conjugates potentially useful for bone and/or cartilage tissue regeneration
Sylwia Magdziarz, Justyna Frączyk, Maciej Boguń

14. “Green” segmented block copolymer for α-tocopherol encapsulation
Maja Marchwiana, Martyna Sokołowska, Miroslawa El Fray

15. Photocurable polyurethane synthesized with use of new non-toxic Mg-Ti catalyst
Malwina J. Niedźwiedź, Gokhan Demirci, Miroslawa El Fray

16. Poly(butylene-succinate)-based blends with enhanced oxygen permeability
Nina Kantor-Malujdy, Sandra Skowron, Miroslawa El Fray

17. Electrospun polyurethanes for biomedical applications
Magdalena Mazurek-Budzyńska, Karolina Rolińska, Maria Balk, Hadi Bakhshi, Anna Blocki, Paweł Parzuchowski

18. Starch copolymers as universal kaolin suspension flocculants - effects of pH, doses and copolymer structure
Beata Schmidt

19. Electrospun mats of P(D,L)LA/(R,S)-PHB blends for polymeric delivery systems of proanthocyanidins extracted from Pelargonium sidoides
Wanda Sikorska, M. Zięba, J. Włodarczyk, M. Pastusiak, P. Chaber, H. Janeczek, M. Musioł, B. Kaczmarczyk, Marek Kowalczuk, Grazyna Adamus

20. Electrospun PVA-based membranes embedding polydiacetylene-coated gold nanoparticles as promising dual probe sensing platforms
Marina Alloisio, Maila Castellano, Silvia Vicini, Andrea Dodero, Pellegrino Musto, Marianna Pannico, Alina Sionkowska

21. The properties of chitosan blends modified by kombucha-derived bacterial cellulose
Hau Trung Nguyen, Alina Sionkowska, Katarzyna Lewandowska, Patrycja Brudzyńska, Marta Szulc, Nabanita Saha, Petr Saha

22. Influence of mineral filler on starch films plasticized with deep eutectic solvent
Dorota Skowrońska, Katarzyna Wilpiszewska

23. Biocatalysis of furan-based copolyesters from renewable raw materials
Martyna Sokołowska, Miroslawa El Fray

24. Synthesis of magnetic carbon-based ZIF-67 nanoparticles for isolation of ribonucleic acids
Bartosz Środa, Anna Dymerska, Beata Zielińska, Ewa Mijowska

25. Organic polymeric blends for solution and solid-state white light emission
Ioana A. Trofin, Catalin P. Costantin, Radu D. Rusu

26. The technical applications of films based on carboxymethylated polysaccharides
Katarzyna Wilpiszewska, Adrian K. Antosik

27. The urea-free poly(carbonate-urethane)s obtained via polycondensation route
Dominik Wołosz, Paweł G. Parzuchowski

28. Testing of innovative, biodegradable masks based on a modified bacterial cellulose based filter in health care units
Marta Woroszyło, Magdalena Szymańska, Anna Żywicka, Daria Ciecholewska-Juśko, Radosław Drozd, Peter Sobolewski, Karol Fijałkowski, Miroslawa El Fray

29. Research on the coating of plant fibers with inorganic nanoparticles and their modification with phosphorus containing compounds in the flame retardancy of plastics
Klaudia Zieliniewicz, Daria Baranowska, Xin Wen, Ewa Mijowska

30. Bacterial cellulose-based filters modified with low-pressure argon as highly efficient protection from biological, air pollutants during COVID-19 pandemic
Anna Żywicka, Daria Ciecholewska-Juśko, Magdalena Charęza, Radosław Drozd, Peter Sobolewski, Adam Junka, Selestina Gorgieva, Miroslawa El Fray,
Karol Fijałkowski

31. Neurotrophin-loaded PDADMAC/HEPARIN multilayers as an unexpected system to damage neuroblastoma cancer cells
Bogusław Kowalski, Wiktoria Donerowicz, Iga Stukan, Aneta Michna, Monika Wasilewska, Maria Dąbkowska